This is my 66 in it's hay day. I was a junior in high school
I laid claim to the bronco when I was 14. It was my first driver and it saw me through my college years. By the time I was 25, my father was finally ready to relinquished ownership. I joke that this was my birthday present when I turned 1 as we took delivery from the dealership shortly there after.
2 1/2" of lift an Q78 buckshot mudders (32's). A 30 over 289 with holley 4 barrel and a top loader 4 speed 4.11 gears. It wasn't a lot but it broke axles and drive shafts.  This was it's last running configuration. circa (1989)

And it's current state, sniff.       
       part 2
          Original body                    66's running gear w/ 68 body
  and of all things, I want to
     restore it and the 68

Last updated 01/31/08
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