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This is the page for my 1974 FORD Bronco. I bought this pile of rust as a parts truck around 1990. See I collect these fine specimens for an unknown future purpose. Usually yard ornaments. I have been "working" (cough) on this truck for years (1995). It's about to move to from it's place of entombment to my shop. Planning on moving it by spring of '08. I have many parts waiting to be installed. A sefi 5.0 still in the car, ZF 5spd, front & rear lockers and axle shafts, I'll be doing some kind of brake up grade

Hiding out in it's underground bunker for the past several years

 .... It's a roller now, Making progress.
Now to find a long weekend to unseal the tomb and move it 1mile.
Heck, I mi
ght even make it a runner for old time sakes.
12/16/07 Fired the engine for the first time in many years.
Rocked it a bit under power to see if the wheels still turn!
   01/20/08 picture
Spent 3 hours digging the bronco out of it's bunker stable and driving it 200 yards
to a more accessible spot for loading. The front tires rub when the wheels are turned. I am going to cut them anyways. I have 33" TSL on a stock sagged suspension. I also lost the right hub some where in the field.
Happily awaiting a transfer to the shop

Click here for 01/27/08 pictures


Since it is in an accessible spot I thought I take some pictures in daylight for the first time in over a decade. Stock suspension, 33" TSL's.


Loaded finally!! Heading to other garage.
 18+ year old TSL's are useless on the hard pack.
  Even at 10 psi.

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